Wouter Moraal

Wouter Moraal is a master student in Media Technology at Leiden University. He loves to translate complex matters into understandable articles, clips, and interactive installations. He aims to help people gain more control over their own lives, by enlightening them about their technological surroundings. He has actively volunteered for the Privacy Cafe, the Internetfreedom Toolbox and other projects that are supported by digital human rights organisation Bits of Freedom. He also initiated the online campaign against the Dutch Law for telecommunications data retention.

Wouter learned to critically evaluate the interrelations between media, technology and culture as part of his Bachelor’s degree in Language and Culture Studies. Since then he has been particularly interested in the relation between technology, privacy, security, and freedoms. During his current master education he is engaged both practically and theoretically in several different subjects at the cutting edge of science, technology, and art.

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