People,  Data and Power


The background to this project it the currently dominant trend, in all kinds of overlapping fields from policy making to urban development to doing research, of encouraging the generation of more and more data on virtually all aspects of people’s lives. This is done by means of  sensor-technologies, social media and databases with algorithms and infrastructures that connect these different technologies across different domains, from people’s homes to the streets to their offices, cars and trains.

Many people hope that this data will provide answers to problems varying from environmental pollution, to the rising world population and to energy waste. Yet, a growing number of people in policy making, engineering, social science, art and activism increasingly feel the need to more carefully consider the implications of this Smart City worldview. As of yet there aren’t many platforms that bring these people and their concerns together. The attempt of this project is to provide this platform and to work towards positive, constructive, thoughtful and technology-savy interventions.