Online data is liquid


Door Karina Pálosi

It is difficult to grasp how deeply the internet has transformed our world. Currently, more information is being produced in two days than in the centuries past. How can we relate to this new, digital environment?

In my graduation project I explored this question. In particular I confronted the internet-promise of omni-science. I played with the ‘liquid’ metaphors we often use to refer to the online sphere.

We experience online data as something liquid: we stream it, we surf, there are leaks, torrents, pools or even oceans of information, full of pirates, some phishing, there are are plenty of blogs, vlogs, and our general experience of the net/web is pretty immersive.

To get a grip on this promise of omniscience, I collected tutorials about water, executed them and placed the results – from holy water to crocheted water – back into a cabinet of curiosities