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The Politics of a Cybernetic World. Exploring today’s digital world through the historical lens of cybernetics

*** This event is now fully booked, if you want to reserve a seat on the waiting list, you can email [email protected] *** What: A creative and engaging event exploring the politics of cybernetics with Katherine Hayles, Luc Steels, Andrew Pickering, and Ricarda Franzen When: March 23, 4-7 PM Where: Crea Muziekzaal, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, […]

The State of Cybernetics. The digitization of cities, bodies and communities. Seminar. Amsterdam. March 22-23

On March 22 and 23, Dorien Zandbergen and Justus Uitermark, based at the University of Amsterdam, organize a seminar entitled "The State of Cybernetics. The digitization of cities, bodies and communities." The purpose of the seminar is to revisit the legacy of cybernetics to shed light on contemporary digital politics. Many of the fundamental questions [...]

People, Data and Power: a critical interrogation of smart city infrastructures

By Dorien Zandbergen and Merel Noorman in collaboration with  John Boy, Merel Noorman, Carmen Pérez del Pulgar, Karin Pfeffer, Christine Richter and Linnet Taylor photo’s by Lakshika Thenuwara notes taken by organizers and Lakshika Thenuwara, Yuki Yamamoto, Paul Berkhout, Laila Wiersma, Jennifer Veldman   On March 21, 2016,  the University of Amsterdam, the Centre for […]

Mensen, Data & Macht workshop

What: workshop People, Data and Power When: Monday March 21st, 9 AM- 6 PM Where: Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), Mauritskade 62, Amsterdam Click here for directions. Register: Places have almost filled up, please write to [email protected] if you are interested in joining. Many cities in the world are currently ‘upgrading’ into Smart Cities: cities made [...]