Workshop: developing a human-centred approach to the Smart City

Cities more and more rely on digital tools for governing, planning, intervening, monitoring and policing. Yet, the jury is still out regarding the exact ways in which this development of the ‘Smart City’ should further unfold. How should this  ‘governing through data’ exactly be implemented and regulated? And how can data governance take place while safeguarding democratic procesess and values?

At its best, the Smart City is an urban sphere that more intimately involves citizens in its shaping. At its worst, the Smart City is only the most recent manifestation of the ‘technocracy’: with complex unaccountable technological systems overruling the wishes and ways of living of citizens, leaving little room for spontaneity and diversity.

As part of a blended course given by The Hague Academy for Local Governance on the theme of ‘Resilient and Smart Cities’, Gr1p organizes a workshop in June 2021, in which we share our sense of urgency, vision and methods for a human-centered approach to the ‘datafied city.’  

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